Most of the students work really hard to get the best score in their IELTS exam. But many of them failed to achieve the desired score. Scoring high is not so easy task. In order to achieve your best, one need to work hard day and night. With hard work one need to do the smart work also.

There are mainly three Golden rules one needs to follow for IELTS:

1. Firstly it is a test of your English language capability.
2. Better the English language skills, Easier the approach.
3. Only preparing the IELTS books and IELTS practice tests will not help you to score high in the exam.
The main point to consider is just to improve English language skill. May be you are lucky enough to pass the IELTS with the desired score but you will not be sufficiently prepared for what comes after it – your course, your job etc.

Listed below are some of the tips to follow to make your IELTS score high:

6 Tips To Boost Your IELTS Score

1. Try to speak in English. In case you are in an English speaking country then this is easy. If not then try to speak in English with your Friends and Family. The more you can do is to join an English speaking club where you can practice your speaking regularly. Follow the simple rule ‘English only’.
2. Daily perform an English activity. Listen to the radio; watch the English movie, read the English newspaper article.
3. Do something where you can speak in English. You can read to the children at local primary school, help some high school students with their English etc.
4. Be the part of an online group. There are many groups to choose from, try out a few and see which you like.
5. Make sure that you learn from your mistakes. If you have ample mistakes then do the exercise again.
6. Try to learn synonyms. Synonyms play an important role in the IELTS exam. In the speaking and writing exam, you have to show that you know how to use synonyms. In the reading and listening exam, many of the questions contain synonyms.
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