Most IELTS expert will tell you that achieving 09 bands in IELTS for a non-native English speaker is nigh impossible. This is true for Indian nationals as they have barely cracked the IELTS 09 bands score. However, it is not a bad idea to make this band score your target and achieve maximum. The target of the IELTS exam is to test the use of your English language. It is not meant to test your overall knowledge. Therefore, adhering to crucial tips and pointers, putting in personal efforts by practicing mock test and support of instructor-led classrooms will improve your chances of inching close to 09 band score.

Here are the tips to achieve your target:

6 Tips to score 09 bands in IELTS exam

Tip 01 – Reading Habit

One of the important preparation tips for IELTS is to conjure up the reading habit on a daily basis. This includes reading one of the national newspaper publications as a routine practice. Repetitive newspaper reading allows the reader to get a hang of words that are commonly used. Moreover, reading books and magazine will further improve your grasp of English.

Tip 02 – Listening Habit

The English listening habit is best accumulated by watching lots of English movies and sitcoms. Television and Youtube (online viewership) is your gateway to the countries where people speak English. By carefully listening to these programs you make sure you are not alien to accents of English speaking natives.

Tip 03 – Practice Mock Test

To engage in a mock test on an everyday basis gives you a semblance of what to expect in the main exams. The amount of effort you put in clearly depends on your current English proficiency. If you are comfortable with thinking and speaking in English then you may need only a clarification of how to manage writing IELTS with minimum confusion. Mock test will give that window of understanding.

Tip 04 – Crosswords, Scrabble and Puzzles

Engaging in mind-bending games like English crosswords, puzzles, trivia and age-old games like Scrabble is recommended. These games are not just addictive but they immensely improve your understanding, the usage of English words and their right usage in situations.

Tip 05 – Develop Writing Habits

One of the best ways to improvise your English ability is to get into the habit of writing. Making daily notes, copying paragraphs from newspaper, magazine, and books would tremendously improve your understanding of word usages and the grammatical significance.

Tip 06 – Learn to Relax – Controlling Nerves

This is an important tip, especially during the hours when you are writing IELTS. Being nervous can actually undo all the efforts you have made to date. You need to learn to relax and make sure that excitement or panicking doesn’t overpower you at the hour of exams. It is advisable to learn meditation and yoga practice to calm your nerves.

If one can take respectable command over all the 06 tips mentioned above then your chances of scoring 09 bands will be much better.