As a Citizen of Canada, you can approach to a lot of the resources. One can have benefit from publicly funded schools. One can live and work anywhere in Canada. Moreover civil liberties are protected under Canadian law. There are a lot of other benefits that one can avail after becoming a citizen of Canada.

Benefits of Becoming a Canadian Citizen are:


1. You get voting rights:

As a citizen, you can vote in federal as well as in provincial and municipal elections. You can even enter politics. Also you can be called to serve jury duty. This is the best way to serve your country and help maintain order and law.

2. You are secure:

You can live comfortably without the doubt of having to meet residency needs or the fear of being dismissed. As a citizen you won’t have a restriction on the duration of your stay in Canada. After becoming citizen, you don’t need to renew your citizenship.

3. Travel anywhere:

The Canadian passport is among the top 10 passports in the world. As a citizen, your Canadian passport is a way to more than 160 countries with no visa required upon arrival. Canada also has more than 270 diplomatic and consular offices in more than 180 countries all over the globe.

4. Employment options:

As a citizen, you will now be able to battle in jobs that need high-level safety clearance. Government jobs are the most stable and well-paying jobs in Canada. Moreover, when your kids will be born, they will become the Canadian citizens without going through all the steps you went through to get yours.
Also you can access to basic free healthcare and public school education, as well as social services like employment insurance and student government loans.

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