Most of the people who want to immigrate to Canada have an eye at Canadian citizenship. But there also exist some other way that will provide them the similar rights as an immigrant in Canada. The other way we are talking about is Permanent Residency in Canada. Canadian Permanent Residency is the best expressway to get citizenship in Canada. The Canada immigration programs such as federal Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled worker Program, etc. provides you the way to permanent residency only. To apply for citizenship one has to stay as PR in Canada for a few years. In short, it is quite clear that PR is a way to get citizenship.

Listed below are some of the benefits of Canada PR:

Canadian Citizenship VS PR

1. The PR in Canada allows you to study, or live anywhere in Canada.
2. It allows you to travel freely to and from Canada.
3. Moreover, you get the rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canadian laws
4. As Canada PR you are able to access social benefits such as social services, healthcare, education, etc.
If you are a PR in Canada, then you are not forced to apply for citizenship at any point of time. Canada also allows immigrants to have dual citizenship.


Canada Citizenship provides you with advantages over the PR. In case you are Canadian citizen, then you can earnestly be the part of Canadian life as a citizen. For example, you can vote and can also run a political office.
Moreover, you will also have Canadian passport. With the help of which you can travel to other countries and get the benefit as a traveler from Canada.


As an aspirant, you need to be physically present in Canada as a permanent resident for 1,095 days. In case you want to become a Canadian citizen, you need to get permanent residency through a suitable immigration program, i.e. express entry, PNP, etc.

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