Indian students who have pursued BA and want to study in the USA have several options to specialize in courses leading to job opportunities. For such undergraduates finding the right course in an appropriate university is never easy.

Below are the courses to consider in the USA for BA students:

Courses for BA Students in the USA

Architecture & Construction

If you are obsessed by building and geometry then pursuing a course in Architecture can be your cup of tea. With the robust growth in urban infrastructure one can find numerous course options in this field like surveying, planning, construction, building maintenance and property management to name a few.

Business Management

A field for ever increasing opportunities in the field of business management offers various courses in this domain. One can pursue Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, Retail Management and Human Resource Management courses. Additionally, opportunities in the field of e-Commerce, Transportation & Logistics and Office Administration are always available in the field of Business Management.


Study opportunities in the specialized field of law can make for wonderful opportunities for BA students. Law studies is a unique sector and offer courses like Criminal Law, International Law, and Civil law to kick-start a career. Graduates can also get involved with Legal Advisory and even Legal studies after pursuing Law course.

Social Studies

A wide range of courses is encapsulated under Social Studies for BA students who seek study opportunities in the USA. Political science, Social Works, Sociology, Environmental Development are some of the prominent courses under social studies. Anthropology, linguistics and public administration are other specialized subjects in Social Studies domain.

Travel & Hospitality

A range of courses for BA students are available in the hospitality & travel field. One of the most sought courses is in Hotel Management sector, which offers tremendous work opportunities on course completion. Additionally, opportunities in the Aviation sector and in Leisure Tourism can kick-start your career on the right note.


If you are a critical thinker and love to voice meaningful opinion then Humanities is your choice of education. In this field, one can pursue Philosophy, Theology, Literature, and studies of Classic literature. Moreover, study of History, Languages and Culture are some of the subjects to specialize.