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  • Can a student work?

    Only if the student has been authorized for curricular practical training, or has an employment authorization document.

  • Do I need to translate all my documents into English?

    English and Vietnamese language documents are acceptable and may not need to be translated.  Documents in languages other than English or Vietnamese must be translated into English.  Translations must include a statement from the translator affirming that the 1) the translation is accurate, and 2) that the translator is competent to translate.

    We may require English translations of Vietnamese documents on a case-by-case basis.

  • How do I schedule an earlier interview?

    Due to the large number of cases to be processed and the need to be fair to each applicant, we do not schedule interviews out of sequence except when there is an urgent need to travel due to emergency reasons.  If you have an urgent need to travel before your interview date, please contact us.