The Listening section is the most important part of the IELTS test. This section of IELTS has 4 sections and includes 40 items.In terms of IELTS preparations it is best to take each section separately.

One-on-one interaction:

It’s an interaction between two people. It could be a telephonic conversation or a general one and you will be asked to note down specific information from the conversation.

The best way to prepare for this IELTS test is by listening to as many as conversations possible.

A very easy way is to practice listening to English bulletins. One of the difficulties that a non-native English listener faces is to comprehend the fluency of native English speakers.

However, this obstacle can be easily overcome with regular practice involving listening and noting it down on paper.


In this section, the test-taker is made to listen to a speech. You listen to a speech in a social or academic context and answer a series of questions. The test will measure how well you can grasp the core idea of the speech and understand highlighted issues.


Similar to speech, this section involves a monologue. The best IELTS preparation tips to prepare for this by mainly listening to discussions on television.

 Group discussion:

This involves interaction between a maximum of four people. So, it is important that you make yourself comfortable catching up with more than one speech flow. Again, attending and listening to discussions are the best way to prepare for this test.

More tips for listening section

Read the first example at the beginning of the first section to acquaint yourself with the sound, the speaker and the situation.

Do ensure that you continue to listen to the audio while you write down the answers.

Practise listening to both an individual talking and more than one person speaking simultaneously.

Be smart with spellings, many lose easy marks because of spelling mistakes.

Practise short hand writing style, as it will save you lot of time. For instance, instead of writing approximately write approx.

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