Aspirants in India who completed or who will complete their 12th from commerce and arts stream and plan to study in the USA have several options to consider. It is safe to say that it’s a myth that Commerce and Art students have fewer career options.

If the candidates want to pursue job oriented courses in the USA then there are numerous opportunities to consider.

Job oriented courses for commerce and art students in the USA

The scope in humanities is vast with numerous courses option that leads to well-paid jobs. These would include History, Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, Arts, Literature, and Law.

These options include:

Fine Arts: Within the subject of Fine Arts there are options to pursue courses in Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Literary Arts.

Students of Visual Art can explore careers in the following field:

Painting and Drawing – This is a field that demands creativity and imagination. With arts as a contemporary décor, more and more people buying artworks thus provide an option to pursue such a career.

Sculpture – Designing sculptors of wood, clay etc., can offer employment opportunities.

Photography – One of the most sought fields where one can capture the moments and create a Niche.

Weaving & Fabrics – Clothing, home décor and print designing related fine art courses.

Performing Arts: Candidates can seek a career in films, theater, and entertainment. Below are the career options in this field.

Music, Singing, Dance, and Choreography

Theatre and Acting

Direction and Editing

Literary Arts: Candidates who are good at writing and expressing emotions are fitting for a literary art career. Conveying idea for marketing & communicating, news writing for masses, copywriting for advertisement is all part of literary art. Writing novels, poetry, drama scripting, and story writing are within the subject of literary art.

Besides Fine Arts the students can establish a career in various other fields by pursuing the following Bachelors or Diploma courses:

  • B.A in History
  • B.A in Geography
  • B.A in Political Science
  • B.A in Public Administration
  • B.A in English Literature
  • B.A in Economics
  • BCA – Bachelor of Computer Application
  • B.Arch – Bachelor of Architecture
  • B.A in Law – Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Legislative Law
  • Law and Business Administration – Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Legislative Law
  • Bachelor of Management Studies
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Bachelor of Design (Textile, Interior, Product, Fashion Technology)

There is no dearth of quality job oriented courses in the USA after class 12th. With the right mindset and determination, candidates have a wide option in Arts and Commerce industry.