Well, the answer to this question entirely rests with you and your parents. However, there are certain things that can help you decide better.

As it is, the study culture in India is very competitive. If you are inspired and brilliant in a lot of other ways, but not great when it comes to the competitive nature of exams and tests. And you don’t do well in competitions for top engineering, management institutes like IIT, IIM etc., then you may consider studying abroad. For those who get into such premier institutes, the career here in India is also promising.

Your Career Interest Matters

What you want to study, and what career you want to have matters more than anything.

If you are looking for a lucarative career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), then going aborad seems like a good idea. It is a good value for money given the kind of opportunities and earnings you can have abroad.

If STEM is not what you really thrive in, then you need to be sure what country you want to go to for your career interest.

And if you want to come back to India for a job after studying aborad there – then you should have some other strong, logical reasons to study abroad.

Country Selection

In the US, it’s relatively easier getting a job even in non-STEM fields, but the study fee is higher.

In Europe, it’s comparatively tougher getting a job in non-STEM fields.

In UK too, theer are good jobs, but the study fee is higher.

In Germany and France, getting a job for a non-Eurpoean is not too easy. However, the study fee is way lesser.

Advantage Flexibility

In foreign universities, you have the advantage of time and flexibility in choosing a course and study direction you want. This can work better for you as unfortunately in India, the choices and course-flexibility aren’t too exciting.

US admissions allow you to choose your major. And this is important! Because you pick a major in a stream that you want, and not because you don’t have a choice. There you can even change without a fuss. You can change from Physics to Software Development. It’s your choice. You won’t be asked anything.

Scholarships & Minimum Wages

Another thing to appreciate about foreign education is that you have accesss to different scholarships. And once you have passed out, the law of minimum wages applies to the employment.

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