Canada, being one of the best countries to live in, is also a hot destination for foreign students. Home to some great colleges and universities, Canadian government also welcomes foreign students with arms wide open. Easy immigration rules, great living standards and globally recognized degree – perks are many that attract foreign students to Canada.

If you have decided to go to Canada for your foreign education, then we are here with the list of top four universities, based on student data. So, here is a look at those universities one by one –

Dalhousie University, Halifax

The second most affordable place to get a bachelor’s degree in outside Quebec, Dalhousie University stands tall as the biggest university in East of Montreal. The most popular courses in the university include law and journalism. But there are plenty of other choices for you as well. Popular as immigration friendly and rich in Culture University, the university is also known for its liberal arts enclave – the King’s college.

University of British Columbia, Vancouver

University of British Columbia is one of the best universities in the country, located in the far west of Vancouver. The best thing about the university is that the course fee for foreign students is almost the same as that for domestic students. Whether you talk about living conditions, safety, or standard of education – UBC is one of the best in the world. The region’s diverse population is a major attraction for students choosing UBC as their dream destination.

University of Toronto

Having one of the most beautiful campuses for a university in the country, we simply cannot miss out on University of Toronto from our list. Though an expensive school in the most expensive city of Canada, it is truly worth it when you consider the status the University holds in terms of education and results.

Queen’s University, Kingston

Last, but not the least, name that we have on the list for you is Queen’s university. Located halfway between Toronto and Montreal, the college is a lot cheaper when compared to places like University of Toronto. Known for its great engineering, law, and medicine, courses, the university also has some great choice in political studies and geography schools as well.
Those were our top 4 choices of universities if you are looking to go for education in Canada. Make up your mind, based on the affordability and course that you want to study and leave the rest to ESM India. We will open the doorways towards foreign education for you!
So, what are you waiting for?