Master in Business Management (MBA) from the United States of America is probably the best in the world. A host of surveys have consistently given Top-10 status to University B-Schools from the USA on a regular basis for their MBA program.

Students with high aspiration with a mission in their target can look forward to our list of top 5 universities for MBA in the USA. We have carefully researched for the relevant information and assessed the rankings of the surveys to make sure we have selected the best colleges for your consideration.

Top 5 Universities for MBA in the USA

1. Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Stanford School of Business is the holy-grail for MBA education. Since 1925 the business school has developed a progressive environment and a sophisticated curriculum to create one of the best Business administration education system in the world. Undoubtedly, Stanford Business School is amongst the Top-05 business of the USA and even in the world.

2. Harvard Business School

The Harvard Business School is right up there in terms of education and exposure quality when it comes to MBA schooling. The flagship two-year residential MBA program is known for its course quality and the industrial exposure (Internship/Summer Placement) during the course tenure. Numerous educational tours help students to get the first-hand idea of how business works and take that learning to the next level in their career.

3. Wharton School of Business – University of Pennsylvania

One of the oldest Business Schools in the world offers a wide range of business-centric Masters Program that is well recognized around the world. The Wharton Schoool is known for the elite faculty that includes some of the best minds on the world at work. Owing to their robust curriculum and excellent academia, the MBA degree from the university is sure to provide a flying start to your career.

4. Haas School of Business – University of California (Berkley)

Every year more than 2000 students receive degrees in Business Management from Haas B-school that is amongst Top-05 MBA B-School in the USA. No wonder students from more than 100 countries vie for admissions at Haas Business School, also making it one of the most diverse campus cultures in the USA.

5. UCLA Anderson School of Management – University of California (Los Angeles)

The two-year residential course in MBA from UCLA is ideal for the aspirants who aim to achieve essential skills in management, communication, and leadership. The university provides a flexible course curriculum and allows the students to specialize in the core functionality that suits them best.