USA is known for its superlative Engineering education and this factor draws students from all over the world. Despite of having top engineering institutes like IIT, BITS and a score of NIIT in India there are still others who aims for the higher reward. For them finding admission in one of the best Engineering College in the USA is the ultimate target.

The Blog is About The Top Five Engineering Colleges in USA and Why They are so.

Top 5 Engineering Colleges in the USA


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for several decades have won the accolades to be the best engineering college in the world. Finding admission in MIT is never easy and students have to work tremendously hard to get an entry in this prestigious institute. However, once that benchmark is achieved the students of MIT can expect to gain the finest knowledge in Engineering domain. Ample research opportunities and industrial exposure makes sure that students are career-ready even before they graduate.


Caltech is surely the top five college of Engineering in the USA. It has the reputation of exposing its students to the niche domain of engineering that other universities may not explore. Admissions to Caltech are based on GRE and SAT besides personal interviews and the aptitude tests. The fee for courses at Caltech is about $ 45-50000.

Berkeley Engineering College – University of California

The Engineering college of Berkeley at the University of California is top-05 in our list. It has an excellent education system at par with the best in world. The campus has a very inclusive environment, promotes diversity and equality. It offers specialized courses in Bioengineering, Environmental engineering and have their jet propulsion engineering labs. Aspirants will have to score excellent in GRE and SAT tests and also have to achieve high score in IELTS or TOEFL to get admission at Berkeley.

Harvard University

Harvard has undoubtedly a great reputation for its Engineering wing which has given us great scientists and noble prize winners like Percy Bridgman and Roy J. Glauber. The university offers high quality education spectrum in Engineering domain and most students have rewarding career going into the future. The fee for engineering courses at Harvard is between $40-50000.

Stanford University

The list of top Engineering colleges in world is incomplete without Stanford University. Since its inception 1891, the university has been conducting foundation research in science and engineering and its alumni has given the world many miraculous discoveries that have benefitted the mankind.