Business and Management studies in the USA are on par, or the best on several standards, in the world. It draws the attention of students from across the world, including India. The global surveys on Business Schools are teeming with the list of colleges and universities from the USA. Without any doubts pursuing Bachelors in Management from the USA is one of the best education decisions one can make.

In This Article, We Take A Look At The Top 05 Universities In The USA For Bachelors In Management Courses.

Top 5 Universities for Bachelors in Management in the USA

The Harvard University

The name Harvard Business School resonates with superlative quality along with great career prospects. Oliver Hart (2016) and Alvin Roth (2012) are the Noble laureates for Economics who pursued education from Harvard. The institute has continuously ranked Top-03 or Top-05 globally making it one of the most prestigious Management and Business institutes in the world.

Stanford University

Situated in the core of California Stanford University is amongst the top-rated university for business and management studies in the world. It is in constant competition with Harvard to rank as the top B-School in the USA. It has one of the lowest acceptance rates amongst the Universities in the USA. John F. Kennedy, Larry Paige, and Tiger Woods are notable alumni that passed out from Stanford University.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Known for its excellent engineering and technology education standards, The Sloan School of Management at MIT is also a top ranked university for business studies. It has a very practical approach including excellent Internship or Industrial training, along with great theoretical study structure. It is one of the finest business and management schools in the world and finds a beeline of applicants every year.

University of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania University has been globally ranked as the Top-10 places for MBA and BBA programs. The niche reputation and a sound educational structure of Wharton School make it the go-to Business Schools for high achievers. The foundation of some of the great businesses was established from the University of Pennsylvania. Donald Trump, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet are the names that make anyone amused by the standards of Wharton.

Yale University

Yale’s School of Management is the Top-20 institutes when it comes to the best business schools in the USA. Known for its superlative education standards the institutes is amongst the highest choice for any Bachelors in Management aspirant. Tom Ascheim (Newsweek), Laszlo Bock (Google), Martha Brooks (Harley Davidson), and Roger H. Brown (Berklee College of Music) are some of the prominent names who passed out from Yale.