Canada is globally known for rendering science and engineering education at an affordable with no compromise with the quality. The faculty in Canadian Universities are at par with the best in the world. Education from these Universities means a glittering career for hard-working students and a secured future.

In This Blog, We Look At The Top Five Universities Of Canada That Offers The Best Engineering Education.

Top 5 universities for Engineering in Canada

University of Waterloo

The University is known as the tycoon of Science & Engineering in Canada and is amongst the finest in the world. The university provides education to almost 10,000 students every year and boasts one of the largest corporate networks for Internship and job opportunities at a later stage. A degree from Waterloo University has a high prospect of a well-paid job on completion.

University of Toronto

Toronto University has been ranked consistently as one of the Top-25 universities across the globe and easily the Top-03 in Canada for the Engineering courses. It is extremely popular with overseas students, which is clearly visible from the diversity depicted in the campus life of the University. The University is the preferred choice for students from India.

University of Alberta

The Edmonton based University is known for its niche technology and science courses that have a great market value. Students with a degree from the University of Alberta find beeline of recruiters that offers excellent work opportunities. The University offers more than 20-courses technology courses under its five Engineering departments.

University of Calgary

Calgary is the energy capital of Canada and therefore studying engineering from the University offers excellent prospects for a career in this field. The University offers around 25 specialized engineering courses under its various departments and gives great avenues to its students via campus placement and Internship programs.

Western University

The Ontario based Western University is rated Top-05 in Canada by our panel of experts. Before 2012 it was known as University of Toronto before it was corporatized. The University has a receptive attitude towards overseas students just like their native students and boasts its excellent education system in the Engineering domain.