We all know that visa is a very important travel document that is needed to get both into and out of a country. All visas go hand in hand with the passport. In short passport is a visa holder. There are two categories of visas that apply to every country:

1. Non-immigrant visa
2. Immigrant visas

These two groups can be discussed as four main sub-types of visa:

Types of Travel Visas

These four sub-types apply to every country in the world, though the requirements can vary. Your travel may require pre-planning and confirmation from another government, so before you go booking any trips, you need to review the visa information. Listed below are the main four sub-types of visas:


Tourist Visa is also known as Visitor Visa. This is the most important visa because this allows people to travel freely in any country. Before talking about travel visas, it’s important to know where one is coming from and what the citizenship status is. One must be quite careful to check travel needs for specific situation. A tourist visa is a non-immigrant visa.


An immigration visa is one that allows another person to settle permanently in another country. This is linked to the naturalization and citizenship process. When one is talking about “Green Card,” they simply mean immigration type of visa. Green Card holders have to wait for at least five years before applying for citizenship. There are number of paths for getting an immigrant visa. Some of them are listed below:

1. Through employment
2. Through investment
3. Through the diversity lottery
4. Through refugee or asylum status


A student visa is obtained when you are traveling to a country for the purpose of an educational experience. The travel here refers to trips in which you will be attending classes. These visas are just for a few weeks. A student visa is also a non-immigrant visa.


Work Visa is the most difficult visa to obtain in any country. This is because of the reason that governments want economic activity in their country to be run by their own citizens.
Every country wants to ensure that their own citizens have priority for the jobs available in that country. However, if you have your own business, it could possibly be easier to obtain one of these visas.

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