The time spent in university or college is one of the most remember able and good time. It’s a best time when we meet new people and figure out who we are and what we really want to do in life. One of the best experiences to take, amplify and accelerate is to study in abroad. This helps you to get to experience what it is truly like to live and cherish a foreign culture and its people.

The best place to study in aboard is USA because the culture and language is not so foreign that it limits on your capability to seek and study. The atmosphere of the country brings with it enough of a culture shock that warrants a sense of success at the end.

Listed below are some of the things one should know before studying in USA:

What things one should need to know before studying in USA?

1. University is called as ‘college’:

In most of the countries, college is the institution which offers vocational course or it is the place one goes to pick up more work-based certifications. In the US, the college is synonymous with university. So, don’t get confuse with both the words.

2. The first few days will be either heaven or hell:

In first few days of the college the students get to know each other, sign up to clubs and fraternities and attend events held by college. Love it or hate it, it’s a rite of passage that clearly everyone has to go through.

3. Books are costly:

The textbooks and other study materials in the US cost a good amount of money. Fortunately, there are social media groups dedicated to sharing or passing on second-hand textbooks.

4. There are a lot of good colleges in USA:

Some college like the Ivy League colleges of America is one of the renowned colleges over the world for their quality and name. However, they aren’t the only best universities in the US. You may find something better suited to you.

5. Policy of high flexibility:

US colleges have a policy of high flexibility. You can change your course and college as per your comfort. You can change your subject as many times as you like.

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