About ESM

ESM India has grown steadily to become an industry leader in the Student Visa consultancy. There are numerous clients across the globe who have experienced ESM’s innovative solutions and services. At ESM INDIA our clients’ aims and aspirations are our top priority. We assist them in achieving the same at the most reasonable cost and in minimal possible time. We represent our clients only after examining their circumstances against the relevant laws determining the possibilities of their case. In an event where the clients do not meet the relevant criteria, we assist them in exploring other possibilities as per their future applications. We strive for professional and transparent academic Counseling and visa guidance to students, desirous to undertake their studies abroad. We keep our knowledge fresh about latest trends in foreign education and up-to-date visa requirements and regulations. Our Consultant personally visits to various countries to gain first hand information and regular interaction with, school, colleges and government embassies. It is an integral part of corporate activities. It helps achieving company objectives of providing fair and professional services to student community. The tedious process of admissions and visa clearance are the responsibilities of a dedicated team at ESM whose mission is to provide honest services to the aspiring students who approach us. ESM offers simple yet in depth support for all our customers to reach their destinations successfully.

Vision of the Company

We want to be number one consulting firm in the field of international student recruitment service provider.

Mission Of The Company

Our mission is to promote education worldwide through the development and dissemination of the most comprehensive resource of International Education information available. Our goal is to develop a – Student Oriented and Student Driven resource center in India to meet the needs of students who are searching for information about studying abroad. As the organization is continuously growing, new resources are constantly being added and old ones expanded.

Company Marketing Strategies

The company develop marketing strategies by understanding the recent changes and coming trends in the international education market and the company is under the leadership of Ex-defense officer’s who have worked towards building a highly respected, ethical, and result oriented company. We have used many new approaches for advertising ourselves as using FM radio networks, which is a fairly new thing in India. The company has a highly specialized team for counseling, processing, advising and orientation. We want to give our clients the best possible level of service and customer satisfaction. Our way of customer service is such that once we get a client, we give them such a great service that they while getting their visa through us.

Our Services

  • Career Counseling and awareness Seminars
  • We identify prospective students considering studying in the selected country
  • Help by giving students information about the provider and their courses
    Helping students complete enrolment forms
  • Providing a contact point for the student while they are studying in foreign country Acceptance by selected institutions
  • Guidance for pre-visa applications
  • Lodging of Visa applications
  • Preparing students for embassy interviews
  • Travel arrangements
  • Pre-departure guidelines
  • Guidance with foreign exchange and remittance of fees to the Institution
  • Arrangement of airport pick-up and temporary accommodation in co-ordination with the destination institution

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